Marki has been engaging in all walks of life–Retail/Wholesale

Timestamp camera has become a very useful tool and solution to industries. Timestamp means the real-time details of time, location can be stamped on the photos and it’s all anti-tampered. Marki camera is one of those types of camera app and has already sneak into all walks of life as a management solution.  Marki has been playing a role as an efficiency-lifting tool to assist workers doing daily job, such as Security, Cleaning service, Retail, wholesale and even for the covid test.

How does Marki perform in Retail/Wholesale industries?

Retail & Wholesale

If you are involved in Retail business, sales team will be a significant part to operate and manage, especially for those company who are developing business in remote area. Timestamp camera allows sales or distributors put the time and location information on the pics. They need to take a lot of photos to substantiate if they are visiting stores they have been assigned by their supervisor. Sales or distributors usually use Marki take photos and sync the photos to the team created by their leaders or supervisors. Then the supervisors can monitor their team performance on Marki through the photos took by their team members: product distribution, sales work in field, check the attendance.

Marki also talked with the people who are working in Retail/Wholesale industry, they said Markicam is very helpful. Mr Tanbir, the staff from Pran-RFL (one of the biggest conglomerates in Bangladesh) said: “Markicam has been engaging in their workflow, live track sales team, the factory inspection and so on.”

(Photos are provided by Mr Tanbir from Pran-RFL, Bangladesh.)

The uniqueness of Marki 

Marki has more details of location and time. We have host-to host data service, which allows employers live track the daily visit of their distributors and sales. Marki is not only a photo-shooting tool, but also a management solution. Marki supports team leader to create various teams, it allows leader to categorize team members and collect their reports efficiently. If you are a manager, Marki can help you manage your team and connect with your team members quickly; If you are a team member, Marki can create an efficient, effective and friendly working environment for you and all people involved in Retail/Wholesale business.

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