The significance of tamper-proof data in Marki

The timestamp camera has been adapted into lots of working scenarios: attendance, delivery, house inspection and so on.

Employee attendance check has become a problem since people started working from home. All the workers have to clock in/out every day without finger attendance machine. Timestamp camera app has become a choice for employers to check the performance of their staff. Marki is one of those choices. Also, for those outdoor activities, Marki provides GPS tracking functions to those supervisors to monitor how are those activities going in remote area.

There is various timestamp or datestamp apps out there in the market, but the time and location information can be modified in some apps, which will decrease the credibility between employees and employers, some of Marki’s users complained that they cannot trust other apps, and the reason that they chose Marki over other apps is that the time and location cannot be modified in Marki. Moreover, Marki provides more features and functions. For example, different watermarks for different scenarios, instant work report and multiple teams’ management. Those features and function truly increased the effectiveness and efficiency of their daily work.


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