Cleaning Service

Cleaning business tips: How to satisfy your clients

Cleaning business tips: How to satisfy your clients. From a cleaning client’s perspective, what is a satisfying cleaning service experience? Cleaning is part of people’s lives, either business owners or households. While many of them are hand-free from cleaning their place, the blooming cleaning business has helped them achieved this. Hiring a cleaning service is…

Employee Attendance | Monitor Employee | Remote Work Tools

Monitor employees: Legal and ethical concerns

Monitor employees: Legal and ethical concerns. Practices for using employee monitor software  It is no doubt that owners of the business would like to monitor employee productivity. Digitalization has spurred the occurrence of various employee monitor software. While managers are eager to monitor employee performance, the legal and ethical aspects of employee monitoring should draw…


5 Tips for improving landscaping managment

5 tips for improving landscaping management: Guidance for companies to manage landscapers Landscaping service is typically a field service that requires landscapers to perform work remotely. Like many other field services, landscaping companies face similar problem management.  Painpoints of landscaping services 1. Declining landscaper retention Employee retention is one of the managerial issues that landscaping…

Marki Tutorial

{:en}Discover Marki{:}{:id}Discover Marki{:}{:th}ค้นพบฟีเจอร์ขั้นสูงของ Marki{:}

{:en} Discover Marki Advanced Features Marki is more than a watermark camera. We also provide “Team Features” for team collaboration, which can help to monitor your team’s performance and sync working progress in real time! This guide will help to discover more advanced features in Marki. Once you create your own team or join an…

Employee Attendance

The best employee attendance systems for your business

The best employee attendance systems for business: Pros and cons of different attendance machines Human labor and commercial activities have fostered the evolution of employee attendance systems. With the rise of the digital era, manual tools have been successfully digitalized. Nowadays, firms use various systems to track employee attendance.  Employee attendance system I: Punch clock…

Remote Work Tools

Best remote work tools in field services in 2021

Best remote work tools in field services in 2021: Suitable in the business scenarios of field services  While many industries have transitioned to the work from home mode, remote work tools are needed for different use purposes. Here is the recommended remote work software that field services can use for free (or free version with…

Covid-19 | Property Management

Can property management embrace challenges during Covid-19?

Can property management companies embrace challenges during Covid-19? Tracking your employee matters and find a remote monitoring solution Property management duty and responsibility is about dealing with lots of chores in the daily route. It provides satisfying property management companies to tenants and manages the property manager employees from different positions efficiently within the minimum…

Construction | Covid-19

Importance of construction progress tracking: Client perspective

Importance of construction progress tracking: Client perspective. A case study of Marki to simplify and visualize work progress tracking Speaking from the client communication angle, construction progress tracking and reporting is essential in a construction project. In the process of completion, different parties, including clients, subcontractors and contractors, are involved. Construction conflicts easily occur. Hence…

Covid-19 | Security

How to monitor your security guard during Covid-19?

How to monitor your security guard during Covid-19? An employee monitoring app can help security guard service providers to monitor employee remotely Security guard worldwide is an onsite job that requires physical interactions with the public. Since 2020, the covid-19 pandemic has created a significant business interruption in this sector. While the demand for security…

Marki Tutorial

How to use Marki on the web?

{:en} How to use Marki on the web?  Login and Enter the Team ① Go to the Marki Dashboard (  on PC ② Log in with your bound phone number (Registration must be on mobile APP) ③ Tap Enter to choose a team