Anti-tamper · Precise positioning

Automatically generate a watermark with accurate and anti-tamper time and location when taking a photo. Watermark prove accuracy
Variety of anti-tamper watermarks with time and location, covering majority of fieldwork tasksSecure cloud-based sync
Not only free phone storage but also protect your privacy

Step 1: Select or create a watermark template Step 2: Take photos with watermarks and auto sync to team

Auto attendance reporting

Easily clock in/out · Auto calculating · Export anytime

Generate attendance report based on the watermark time on photos. Track attendance anytime, anywhere
No location restriction for attendance photos. Flexible fieldworkers can clock in and out anywhereAuto calculate working hours
Based on the clock-in and clock-out time in attendance watermark

Step 1: Take clock in/out photos Step 2: Generate attendance report automatically Step 3: Export reports on web

GPS tracking

GPS-based route tracking

The work route can be intelligently simulated based on the watermark location on photos taken by fieldworkers. Monitoring performance
Managers can directly view working photos at each work location on the GPS-tracking mapProcess optimization
Historical location records enable managers to optimize working process

Step 1: Take photos at different work locations Step 2: Generate working route automatically

Team Moment

Real-time feedback · Team connection

Assess productivity, manage teams, and track projects with Marki. Visualize your team's workload in Team Moment so you can stay ahead of bottlenecks or stalled projects.

Step 1: Sync photos to Team Moment Step 2: Like and comment to support your team