5 Tips for improving landscaping managment

5 tips for improving landscaping management: Guidance for companies to manage landscapers

Landscaping service is typically a field service that requires landscapers to perform work remotely. Like many other field services, landscaping companies face similar problem management. 

landscaping management

Painpoints of landscaping services

1. Declining landscaper retention

Employee retention is one of the managerial issues that landscaping company is struggling with. When it comes to landscaping service, what has come to your mind? Maybe similar equipment, tools and vehicles. Companies all have similar tasks to serve similar clients. The only thing that is distinct from the mentioned factors is landscapers’ expertise, in which the actual value of the landscaping services come from.

However, there are many competitors in this industry. The cost of switching a job is relatively low for experienced landscapers as they are more than welcomed to join any other company. Thus it has caused a problem for landscaping service providers to keep to ‘right’ employees. 

According to Myatt Landscaping concepts, the landscaping industry’s employee retention rate has experienced a continuous decline. In 2020, it was significantly lower than in previous years. Likewise, it is believed that other nations may have similar situations. Therefore, we can conclude that decreasing retention rate is salient in landscaping services. 

employee retention rate by quarter in the landscaping industry in the United States
Data Source: Myatt Landscaping Concepts, employee retention rate by quarter in the landscaping industry in the United States

2. Underperformance

 laid-back landscapers are sleeping on the street
Photo Source: Google Street View, laid-back landscapers are sleeping on the street

Underperforming employees are the main concern across industries, including landscaping services. A survey conducted by a leading staffing agency found that, on average, companies spent 17% in dealing with underperforming employees. It’s approximately one workday. Moreover, while many businesses create a relaxing work environment, the occurrence of laid-back employees is inevitable. In particular, for field services like landscaping services, superiors in the office are even harder to track employee work productivity. Laid-back landscapers are likely to drag down work progress and affect the company’s financial performance in the end. 

3. High risk

landscaping safety concern
Data Source: EMC Insurance, landscaping safety concern

The safety issue has to be one of the significant concerns in this industry. Landscapers are exposed to bugs, chemicals, noise and extreme weather conditions. What’s more, the correct use of machines such as mowers, blowers, trimmers and cutting blades is important as injuries could happen at any time. A study has shown that, in the United States, on average. 197 landscapers got seriously injured every year. It’s believed that other countries have similar issues. Hence this industry has become one of the high-risk industries.   

Even though problems of landscaping services have persisted for a long time, some solutions help reduce the chance of occurrence. 

1. Have a clear company mission and vision

High pay is one of the key factors to retain employees. However, employee engagement has come to play a more important role. Employee engagement generates an identity perception, which helps increase employees’ sense of belonging to the company. To achieve such a goal, companies need to create an organizational vision, mission and core value highly linked to employees’ perception, which can later increase employee engagement.

2. Establish a company structure 

Furthermore, companies should promote the company structure that employees readily adhere to. A hierarchical structure is likely to impede experienced landscapers from expressing their creative landscaping ideas. Instead, a flat structure is more suitable for this industry as it prompts actions and work progress efficiently. Meanwhile, landscapers feel respected and recognized by the firm. 

3. Carry on One-to-one conversation

Through conversations, both employers and employees get better to know each others’ perceptions. What are the reasons why landscapers can’t complete on time? Aren’t they familiar with the work progress or the use of landscaping equipment? Try to figure out the root cause of their underperformance. Provide supports if necessary. 

tips for retaining good employees
Data Source: The balance, tips for retaining good employees

4. Introduce landscaping app in the workplace

While companies are spending time tracking employee productivity to improve work performance, digital goods can enhance their efficiency. In the case that managers want to check the attendance information of landscapers within a specific period, or managers want to obtain work performance and progress evidence. The landscaping app, which can generate attendance information and work progress reports, enables managers to track employee productivity effectively. Moreover, with the function of photo-taking and watermark proof, it has provided evidence of work performance. So no way to escape!

With the use of the photo archive, the app allows landscapers to store and categorize work progress, which would be useful for future reference. Moreover, GPS tracking helps managers to locate landscapers’ work locations to ensure their work progress. The app also provides the function of photo synchronization so that managers can access landscapers’ work progress readily. 

the watermark indicates the job content on the mobile app
Photo Source: Marki, the watermark indicates the job content on the mobile app
Customized watermarks based on work scenarios
Customized watermarks based on work scenarios
Photo archive for managing job content 
Photo archive for managing job content 
GPS tracking of landscaping services of Marki
GPS tracking of work progress
Team synchronization to share employees work performance of Marki
Team synchronization to share employees work performance

5. Provide up-to-date landscaper training 

The evolution of landscaping equipment is rapid, and the manual guide is continuously updated. Landscaping companies need to provide sufficient and updated landscaper training courses. Before working, managers need to emphasize safety precautions. Constant supervision is required to ensure the correct use of machines. By doing so, the occurrence of injury and safety issues and is likely to decrease. 

landscaping safety tips
Data Source: OHS, landscaping safety tips

Employee management isn’t a one-off. Landscaping companies need to put consistent effort into improving their management. 

In conclusion, through landscaping management apps, sufficient landscaper training, the creation of corporate structure and communication, landscaping companies can readily address managerial issues.     

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