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Importance of construction progress tracking: Client perspective

Importance of construction progress tracking: Client perspective. A case study of Marki to simplify and visualize work progress tracking

Speaking from the client communication angle, construction progress tracking and reporting is essential in a construction project. In the process of completion, different parties, including clients, subcontractors and contractors, are involved. Construction conflicts easily occur. Hence construction progress recording and tracking enables contractors and clients to preserve evidence. Moreover, to protects both parties’ interests.  

a contractor is communicating with his client regarding the construction project

Poor construction progress tracking lead to conflicts in construction

Tracking construction progress seems fair. However, with inadequate monitoring and inappropriate record, problems occur. It will affect the completion of projects on time, which has further caused conflicts and disputes between clients and contractors.    

Factors of conflicts in construction

Poor construction progress tracking is partially attributed to overused industry jargon

One of the factors is the overused construction jargon. It is a daily duty for contractors to make records and reports their progress in construction to other parties. However, they are likely to use plain languages with technical terms in describing it. It turns out that clients who do not have any construction knowledge find it difficult to read. Thus it is hard for them to track construction progress effectively. Clients’ lack of understanding is also likely to attribute to future construction conflicts.

construction jargon
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Lack of communication between different parties also leads to poor construction progress tracking 

The second issue is inadequate communication in a construction project. There are different layers of plannings in a project. Project coordinators need to schedule multiple plans to ensure daily programs can be completed on time. Somehow, they lose connections with other subcontractors as they fail to communicate effectively. Adding to this point, clients may even have less communication with the project team. Asymmetrical information has arisen in that sense.   

clients in construction are communicating with the contractor
Source: SmartAsset, clients in construction are communicating with the contractor

Looking for a tool to simplify the construction progress tracking?  Marki is there for you. 

Are you still struggling to find a simple way to report project progress to your clients? Marki has provided a solution to address overused construction jargon and lack of communication between different parties.   

It is a real-time work management app that provides photo taking, precise time and watermarks displays, and customized photo archives. Apart from photo-taking and storing, users can send photos via chatbox to connect with their team members. They can share their photos via Marki moment, a social platform that team members can view and comment on.   

 A photo of a worker on duty
A photo of a worker on duty
A photo of scanned construction paper 
A photo of scanned construction paper 
Customized watermarks based on the content of construction
Customized watermarks based on construction content
customized photo archive based on the content of construction
Customized photo archive based on the content of construction
Marki moment, where team members can share and comment on the progress
Marki moment, team members can comment on the progress 

Case study of Marki: a contractor’s challenge may resonate with yours

Marki Camera, employee managment appExternal reading: Marki tutorial, instruction on how to use Marki

Matt is one of the Marki users and has carried on the project manager position for a decade. He has witnessed lots of disputes with clients in construction over the completion of projects. Abiding by the construction company policy, he usually kept track of the work in progress in construction and made it into a formal report. Nevertheless, some of the clients questioned the validity of the report and did not trust the construction team. Moreover, the use of technical terms in construction confused clients sometimes. His team needed to spend more time explaining the construction progress as written in the report.

Matt’s team also collaborated with subcontractors. However, he found it difficult to connect them when necessary. Sometimes he needed to track the progress in a specific area. He failed to do so on time as he did not have related construction workers’ contact. Instead, he needed to contact the manager of subcontractors and awaited his response. And yeah, it was time-consuming.

Regarding the communication with clients, Matt extensively used phone calls and emails. He could contact clients immediately through phone calls. However, regarding sending documents, he had to send them via email. It caused delays in receiving information as clients did not check their mailbox on time.

As you can see, multiple pain points are accumulated. Conflicts are everywhere. Construction claims and construction arbitration could happen anytime!  

How Marki addresses the issue of overused construction jargon 

Matt and his team were tired of dealing with the hot seat. Finally, he approached Marki with all his complaints.

The Marki team has introduced an app with several functions. They are photo-taking as proof for the construction site visit, project acceptance, and progress recording. After construction workers have completed a specific project, they will have taken photos of the place and their work in progress. Then the precise time and locations will display at the corner of the photo. Also, construction workers can opt for customized watermarks based on their job content (measurement, screening, framing, etc.). Once construction workers have completed this step, they can forward this information to their managers. Both workers and managers can store these photos in the archive to preserve the evidence of completion, just in case any conflict, or even worse, construction claims and construction arbitration could happen in the future.    

How Marki addresses the issue of lack of communication 

Moreover, Matt can add his clients and other subcontractors on Marki. Multiple parties can track construction progress together. As construction workers pose these photos to Marki moment, clients can access them and know the updated status of projects. They can also comment on the post just like what they do on social media. Likewise, in case of any conflict, construction claim and construction arbitration, they can store these photos in the archive to collect evidence.   

Marki provides construction conflict resolution

In conclusion, Marki can remove the asymmetrical information between contractors and clients to achieve construction conflict resolution. The functions of providing a simple construction progress tracking system and connectable platform with multiple parties. 

Marki is dedicated to providing solutions for different field services, including security guard services. Click for more details.      

Download Marki for free 

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