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Marki can do more than just “timestamp”

Nowadays, there are tons of timestamp-related camera tool in the market, Marki has been investing majority of time to develop more functions, including gps live track, host-to-host data (phone and web), which could be adapted into more fieldwork scenarios: wholesale, security patrol, construction site and environmental protection.

Since the eased mobility restrictions in countries brings the energy of retail and sales market back, how to manage sales team and know when and where your team is working has become a problem. Several companies have set their new retail stores in remote area, gps tracking the performance of goods distributors and sales has become an important part of these retailers and wholesalers.

If you are an employer, Marki can do attendance check, rotating shift work and attendance setting and generate attendance report. Marki supports you to edit the style of watermark, but the time and location information are not allowed to be changed. In relation to the gps track, Marki can do the live track from the first visit to the final visit of your sales or distributors. You are allowed to create multiple teams with your staff, which can help you increase the efficiency of your management. If you are an employee, you can use marki check in and out every day outside office, and generate the report of your daily routine automatically. Marki can save your energy to build connection with your team and boss. Marki has been engaging in all walks of life, use marki to create an effective and efficient working environment.

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